The Directory settings determine how a task interacts with the directory service.

Replication Settings

Determines whether the system should force replication between Active Directory domain controllers when the task completes. Forcing Active Directory replication can ensure that, for example, a recently created user account is available on all Domain Controllers for use in subsequent tasks such as setting NTFS permissions on a file or folder.

Do not replicate

The task should not attempt Active Directory replication.

Replicate Active Directory

The task should attempt Active Directory replication, however if replication fails to complete the task should not fail.

Ensure Active Directory Replication

The task should ensure Active Directory replication, if replication fails to complete the task should fail.

Commit Immediately

Determines whether the task should commit every setting change that is made to Active Directory immediately. This can assist in troubleshooting - for example, as detailed in the article

The attribute syntax specified to the directory service is invalid