By default, FireFox does not permit automatic logon using Integrated Authentication. This means even when IIS is configured to permit Integrated Authentication, Firefox users are prompted for a username and password.

The following describes how to configure FireFox to use Integrated Authentication (NTLM).

  1. Open the FireFox browser and enter about:config in the address bar

  1. Carefully read any warnings and disclaimers and only proceed if you agree to them

  2. Enter ntlm into the filter window

  3. Double click the network.automatic-ntlm.auth.trusted-uris field and enter the XIA Automation Server URL.

    Note: If there are existing values in this field you can add additional values separated by a semicolon - for example http://intranet;http://xiaserver

    Note: Do not enter the full URL - for example for the XIA Automation Server URL "http://DEMO-SRV01/xiaautomation" enter only "http://DEMO-SRV01"

  4. Restart the browser when ready