The sharing tab allows the share configuration settings for a directory.


Retain existing settings

Any existing share settings are preserved.

Share this folder

The folder will be shared with the specified share name, any existing share names will be removed.

Delete existing shares

The folder will not be shared, and any existing shares will be removed.


To use a variable to assign share action select custom and select an Integer variable.

The value of the variable should match one of the following values:

0. Retain existing settings

1. Delete existing shares

2. Share the folder

Share name

The name that should be assigned to the share. Appending a dollar $ symbol to the share will cause the share to be hidden when browsing the shared folders on the server.


Determines the description to assign to the share.

Limit Maximum Connections

Determines the maximum number of concurrent connections that should be allowed to access the shared folder.


Determines the share level permissions to assign to the share. For more information see the Share Permissions section.