The follow steps describe how to generate a development project and create a Google service account private key.

  • Click "Create Project"

  • Enter the project name "XIA Automation Server"

  • Select APIs and auth > APIs

  • Enter "Admin SDK" in the search field

  • Select the API and click Enable API

  • Select APIs and auth > Credentials

  • Select Add Credentials > Service account

  • Select P12 and click “Create”

  • Save the file that is created on the XIA Automation Server machine in the Google directory which is by default found in the following location
    C:\Program Files\CENTREL Solutions\XIA Automation Server\Server\app_data\encryption\Google

  • Make a note of the password for the private key when prompted, typically this will be "notasecret"

  • Select the newly created service account from the list

  • Make a note of the Client ID and Email address