• Ensure that all of the prerequisites have been completed for the target operating system.

  • Download and execute the XIA Automation Server installer (this installs on both 32bit and 64bit):

  • You must agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA) to continue:

  • Select the production or trial license file. If you do not have a license file, click Download Trial License to be taken to the CENTREL Solutions web site where you may request a trial license.

  • Enter the instance name, this will form part of the URL from which users will access the XIA Automation Server web interface. The default is "XIAAutomation" however a more descriptive name such as "UserProvisioning" may be used. The name should contain letters and numbers only.

    For Windows 2003 this will be http://instancename

    For Windows 2008 and above this will be http://servername/instancename

  • Enter the credentials required to run the XIA Automation Server. This account must have sufficient access rights to perform the tasks configured on the XIA Automation Server.

    Note: When installing on a computer not connected to an Active Directory domain or when using a local account, enter the computer name in the domain field.

  • Click Validate to validate the credentials.

  • Select the installation folder

  • Click Install when ready.

  • When the installer has completed click to start the client tools or the web server interface.

  • When accessing the XIA Automation Client Tools for the first time, ensure the URL is entered correctly and click connect.

  • Ensure that the web interface loads correctly. If you are prompted for credentials when using Internet Explorer, ensure that the XIA Automation Server URL is configured within the Local Intranet zone.