XIA Automation Server must be provided with a valid trial or production license.

To obtain a trial license please visit http://www.centrel-solutions.com/XIAAutomation/download.aspx

To view the current license information, select the licensing node

The licenses are displayed in the tree view.

  When using a trial license, you will see licenses for the other CENTREL Solutions products as our trial licenses permit the evaluation of all products in the range.

Product Name

The name of the product for which the license is intended.


The date on which the license was generated.


The type of license file - which determines whether this is a full or trial license.

Coverage Type

The coverage type determines whether the license is bound to a specific Active Directory domain, a specific computer or any. Trial licenses are not bound to any specific computer or domain.


When the coverage type is domain or computer determines the name of the computer or domain to which the license is bound.

Expiry Date

The date on which the license expires.

Max Version

The maximum version of the software for which the license may be used.


The status of the specified license file.