The dynamic plugin variable definition should populate and return the CENTREL.XIA.Automation.Model.ListVariableDefinitionValues that should be displayed to the user.

/// <summary>

/// Executes the plugin and returns the list variable definition values.

/// </summary>

/// <returns>The CENTREL.XIA.Automation.Model.ListVariableDefinitionValues.</returns>

public override ListVariableDefinitionValues Execute()


            ListVariableDefinitionValues values = new ListVariableDefinitionValues();

values.Items.Add("2020", "2020", true);

       values.Items.Add("2021", "2021", true);

       values.Items.Add("2022", "2022", true);

return values;


  • If the value is not specified then the value is set to the text value.

  • If isSelected is not specified then the value is not selected by default.

  • The allow multiple select option on the input tab determines whether multiple values can be selected. This can be accessed programmatically using the VariableDefinition property.