If the UPN account name template specified in the general tab includes the <n> token the Active Directory account name generator task can append numeric values to generate a unique user principal name.

NOTE: If the UPN Account Name Uses SAM Account Name setting on the general tab  is set to true these settings do not apply.

Include Base Account Name

Determines whether the base account should be included - for example when true the template "tsmith<n>" would include "tsmith" as a possible account name.

Minimum Numeric Value

The minimum numeric value to append to the account name.

Maximum Numeric Value

The maximum numeric value to append to the account name.

Minimum Numeric Width

The minimum numeric width of the numeric value to append - for example for a value of 3 the template "tsmith<n>" would include account names such as "tsmith", "tsmith001", "tsmith002", etc. as possible account names.