Custom Attributes represent the additional fields that are to be completed by users.

To add a custom attribute:


  • Within the Custom Attribute dialog enter the display name and select the control type that should be presented to the user


  • Tick the Required checkbox to make the attribute a mandatory field that the user must complete before they can save changes to an item.

  • When selecting a text field, it is possible to select the "Multiline" checkbox, this will render the text field with multiple lines with a scrollbar, this is useful when entering notes for example.

  • When selecting a text field, it is possible to enter a custom Regular Expression to validate the input. To test your regular expression, enter some sample text and click Validate. The icon will indicate whether the text is valid for that regular expression.

    The following example shows a regular expression validator that allows only uppercase characters.


  • When you select a Drop Down List field, you must enter a range of values that the user can select from.

    NOTE: When you modify an existing drop down list, if you remove an optional value, that value will remain for any items using that as the configured value. However, when an Item is edited the user will no longer be able to select the removed value, if the attribute is a Required field then they will have to select one of the newly configured optional values before being able to save.


  • Right clicking on the Custom Attributes list displays the context menu for custom attributes

    • Click New to create a new Custom Attribute

    • Click Delete to delete an existing Custom Attribute. WARNING: this causes any data associated with this custom attribute within existing Items to be lost.

    • Click Move Up and Move Down to order the Custom Attributes. This effects the order the information is displayed to the user in both the user interface and PDF output 

    • Click Sort Alphabetically to order all Custom Attributes in this section alphabetically by their display name

    • Click Properties to modify a Custom Attribute


  • NOTE: The Attribute ID field is read only and is only configured once an attribute has been created. To view the unique ID of a custom attribute, right click that attribute and select properties. For more information about the use of the Attribute ID field please see Reporting against Custom Attributes data.


  • NOTE: Validation rules apply whether the user is completing the information through the web form or when using the XIA Configuration API.