Whilst it is recommended that agent plugins are created in the dynamic code editor, it is also possible to create them using Microsoft Visual Studio.

  • Open Visual Studio and create a new Class Library (.NET Framework) project, ensuring that the .NET Framework 4.8 is targeted.


  • Open the installation directory on a machine where the XIA Configuration Client is installed, which is by default 
    C:\Program Files\CENTREL Solutions\XIA Configuration\XIA Configuration Service

  • Copy the following files to your development machine and add a reference to them in your project.


  • Create a new class file, and within the class file create a new class which inherits from DynamicAgentPluginBase.
  • Override the Execute() method, and enter the custom code that is required. The item property and agent settings are accessible in the same way as within the dynamic code editor.

  • Compile the .dll file and deploy only the single .dll file, for example "SamplePlugin.dll" to the XIA Configuration Client service installation directory, which is by default
    C:\Program Files\CENTREL Solutions\XIA Configuration\XIA Configuration Service

  • The external .dll file must be executed from the dynamic code editor from an assigned plugin with the ExecuteExternalCustomPlugin command, passing the filename of the plugin as the parameter.

  • The code contained within the external plugin will be executed as part of the scan.