When you scan a Citrix XenApp Farm you may see the error "0x80000007 Entry not found" - for example

The Citrix XenApp farm agent encountered an exception when 'Reading section'. Error executing the command 'command'. Cannot find object with id objectidentifier (0x80000007 Entry not found.).

Alternative errors may include

"Error getting data collector for zone zonename (0x802D0006)"


This error can be caused by objects that have become deleted from the Citrix Data Store but are still referenced by objects within the farm. When viewed in the Citrix AppCenter you see the object marked as "Unknown" - for example "Unknown Worker Group 10F403500000001EE".


  • Use the user interface to remove the corrupt objects


  • Use the DSCHECK command to clean the Data Store. Ensure that you follow the guidance from Citrix when using support commands and have a full backup prior to executing these commands.