Compliance benchmark results are displayed by the following result types


The system was unable to determine whether this compliance benchmark test passed as the information was not collected by the XIA Configuration Client.


The compliance benchmark test passed.


The compliance benchmark test is flagged with a warning.

Excluded by Configuration

The compliance benchmark test was excluded because the XIA Configuration Client agent settings have been configured to exclude it.

Excluded by Platform

The compliance benchmark test was excluded because of the platform being scanned - for example the test was excluded because the target platform was a domain controller, however the test does not apply to domain controllers.

Unavailable (not supported by scan client)

The test result is unavailable as the XIA Configuration Client is unable to read the configuration, this can be caused by the information being unavailable through any suitable API.

Manual Validation Required

The test result was obtained, however manual validation is required - for example if the test reads text that must be validated to ensure that it meets organizational requirements.