The following displays under what credentials and security contexts the XIA Configuration Client and associated services are run.

Admin Tools

The admin tools are a Windows forms based application that runs under the context of the interactive user. The tools connect to the XIA Configuration Service using (by default) the credentials of the interactive user however specific credentials can be provided within the user interface. The admin tools will raise a UAC prompt when executed if required.

XIA Configuration Service

The XIA Configuration Service runs with specific credentials configured in the services MMC. These credentials are typically required to have permissions to access and scan the systems on the network however this is not essential as alternative credentials can be supplied or the Local Service can be used.

Scan Host

When alternative credentials are supplied in the scan profile the XIA Configuration Service will start a scan host application using those credentials. As these credentials are NetOnly credentials it is possible to supply a username and password that can access resources on an untrusted Active Directory domain or workgroup. 

Local Service

The local service is installed locally on Windows based target systems and uses the SYSTEM account. This simplifies credential management and security issues however does require that the client software be maintained on target systems. By default, the XIA Configuration Service connects to the Local Service using the Service Account credentials however alternative credentials can be supplied that are valid on the target system.