Both assemblies inducing in the .NET framework and 3rd party assemblies may be referenced using assembly references.

  • Enter the full name of the external assembly references including the ".dll" file extension.

  • For built in .NET assemblies enter the assembly name without the extension. 

The dynamic code editor automatically loads the assembly and provides IntelliSense style support.

NOTE: The following assemblies are referenced automatically and do not need to be specified

  • mscorlib.dll
  • System.Core.dll
  • System.dll
  • System.Management.Automation.dll
  • CENTREL.XIA.Configuration.Agents.DynamicAgentPluginBase.dll
  • CENTREL.XIA.Configuration.Agents.BaseAgent.dll
  • CENTREL.XIA.Configuration.Client.Model.dll
  • CENTREL.XIA.Configuration.Types.dll
  • CENTREL.XIA.Support.dll