Windows Firewall Requirements

The Microsoft Exchange Organization agent must be able to connect to Exchange Online using HTTPS.

Exchange Online PowerShell Cmdlets

The Exchange Online PowerShell cmdlets must be installed on the machine running the XIA Configuration Client or Exchange Online Agent UI.

For more information see the Installing Exchange Online PowerShell Cmdlets section.

Service Principal (Certificate)

When scanning using the XIA Configuration Client a service principal with certificate authentication must be configured. For more information see the Service Principal (Certificate) section.

Alternatively, the Exchange Online Agent UI can be used for interactive, multi-factor authentication.

Required Permissions

The service principal or user account used for the connection must have the following permissions.

  • Global Reader (in Entra ID)

  • Address Lists (to read address lists and global address lists)

  • E-Mail Address Policies (to read e-mail address policies)

  • Mail Recipients (to read the assigned "send as" permissions)

  • View-Only Configuration