The advanced method allows the version of the item to be specified, as well as the PDF output options.

Code Sample

# Get the current default options.

$pdfOptions = $xia.GET_CurrentPdfOptions();

# Configure the options.

$pdfOptions.ShowRelationships = $false;

$pdfOptions.Author = "Sample Author";

# Set a password.

$encryptedPassword = $xia.GET_EncryptedPassword("password");

$pdfOptions.Password.EncryptedPassword = $encryptedPassword;

# Generate the current version of the item PDF as a byte array.

$data = $xia.GET_PdfOutput(1000, 0, $pdfOptions);

# Write the PDF to a file.

Write-Host "Saving PDF file...";

$filename = "$env:temp\sample.pdf";

[IO.File]::WriteAllBytes($filename, $data);

# Display the file.