When the XIA Configuration Client sends data to the XIA Configuration Server, item identifiers are used to locate an existing item to be updated.

These identifiers are as follows:


Primary Identifier

Provides the primary method for an item to be identified, typically the item name. This field is mandatory for all item types.


Secondary Identifier

Provides the secondary method for this item to be identified. This field is optional and differs based on the item type. For more information see the item identifiers section within each scan task.

Tertiary Identifier

Provides the tertiary method for this item to be identified. This field is optional.

Environment Identifier

An environment identifier is used to distinguish between multiple identical items where the primary, secondary and tertiary identifiers are all identical. For example, in a resilient environment where it is possible to have multiple virtual servers with the same name and serial number, the environment identifier allows XIA Configuration Server to distinguish between these otherwise identical systems. 

By default this field is blank however can be configured on the general tab of the scan profile within the XIA Configuration Client.

Environment identifiers can also be updated manually.