The password list items can contain password entries of the following built-in types. 

Additional custom entry type definitions can be configured.

Application Login (ApplicationLogin)

A login to a custom application.


A custom entry type definition.

FTP Account (FtpAccount)

An FTP account login.

Network Device Login (NetworkDeviceLogin)

A login to a network device.

Product Key (ProductKey)

A product key.

SNMP Community String (SnmpCommunity)

An SNMP community string.

SQL Account (SqlAccount)

A SQL login.

Unix Account (UnixAccount)

A login to a Unix or Linux system.

Website Login (WebSiteLogin)

A login to a web site.

Windows Domain User (WindowsDomainUser)

A Windows Active Directory domain user account.

Windows Local User (WindowsLocalUser)

A Windows local (SAM) user account.