User Access Control (UAC) is a security component found in Windows starting with Vista and Windows Server 2008.  It allows an administrator to enter credentials during a non-administrator's user session to perform occasional administrative tasks.

More information on UAC can be found on the Microsoft web site:

This security component also causes Administrative users to run without Administrative Privilege and can lead to unexpected behaviour in XIA Configuration Server.

By default, all local server administrators are full administrators of XIA Configuration Server, however, with UAC enabled, you may see the following message displayed:

Resolution Options

Option 1:

Start your web browser as an Administrator by right clicking and selecting Run as Administrator:

Option 2:

Grant the users access to XIA Configuration Server using their usernames, or a group to which they are a member, by following the granting access instructions.

Option 3:

Users that you wish to have full control over the system can be made system administrators, please see security settings for more information.