SMTP settings on the server can be configured to allow the sending of emails to specified users.

Enable SMTP

Determines whether SMTP should be enabled.

SMTP Server Hostname

The hostname or IP address of the SMTP server.


The TCP port that should be used for communication.

Use SSL/TLS Connection

Determines whether an SSL or TLS connection should be used.

Timeout (Milliseconds)

The timeout for the SMTP connection in milliseconds.

From Email Address

A valid email address that is accepted by the SMTP server

Message Body Encoding

The encoding to use for the message body. The available settings are UTF-8 (default), Unicode (UTF-16), or ASCII encoding.

Authentication Settings

The authentication settings for the SMTP connection.

Test Email Address

The email address to send a test email.

Send Test Email

Sends a test email to the address specified in the test email address field.