When scanning an Azure Tenant the agent fails to scan certain sections and one of the following errors is displayed

  • The Azure subscription in which this resource resides is not active.

  • The subscription '342f80f7-bd74-472b-a234-92cd48892519' is disabled and therefore marked as read only. You cannot perform any write actions on this subscription until it is re-enabled.

  • The specified account is disabled.


An Azure subscription can get disabled because the credit has expired, it has reached the spending or credit card limit, or because the subscription was cancelled by the Account Administrator. 

More Information

Certain read commands used by Microsoft Azure use the POST verb in the REST API. This is incorrectly interpreted by Azure as being a write operation and prevented whilst the subscription is disabled.

These include but are not limited to reading

  • Virtual Machine Screenshots.

  • Web App FTP publishing settings.

  • Web App authentication settings.

  • Storage accounts.

Ensure that the Azure subscription is active.