The Audience tab allows XIA Administrators to configure which Local or Active Directory Users, Groups or Computers can see this Application within the XIA Links Client. By default, 'Everyone' is allowed to see any given Application.

Remove Target

To Remove an Audience entry, right click the entry and select Remove Target

Add Target

To Add an Entry, right click the list and select either Add User / Group Target or Add Machine Target as required entering the User/Group or Machine Name. You may either Allow or Deny the Application to this User, Group or Machine.


  • Deny rules override allow rules so if a User, Group or Machine has a matching Allow rule but also a matching Deny rule they will not be given access to the Application.
  • The XIA Links Server carries out the Audience Checks therefore the XIA Links Server must be able to resolve Client IP Addresses to Computer Names.
  • XIA Admins are always allocated all Applications regardless of the Audience rules.

Network Targeting

In addition to being able to target to specific groups and workstations, it is also possible to limit applications to specific IP subnets.

By default, applications can be seen on all workstations regardless of their IP address.

By selecting Display only to workstations in these networks, it is possible to enter one or more subnets that the remote machine must reside in for the application to be shown.


  • When using specific networks, the application must meet both a user or group target in addition to being in a specified network to be displayed.
  • The application is presented to the XIA Links Client which checks all IPv4 addresses assigned to the local workstation.
  • XIA Admins will see all applications regardless of network targeting rules.