XIA Links (www.centrel-solutions.com/xialinks) is an easy to use, desktop icon manager which helps organisations manage their desktop shortcuts.  Shortcuts are managed centrally and presented within a single application so they can easily be found and launched by users.

Configure Multiple Possible Shortcut Locations

In a large company, it is common to use Roaming Profiles or Group Policies to configure which Desktop Icons and Shortcuts are available for a user. However, there are limitations to this, for example, different PC's may have the same application installed in different locations or not installed at all. The effect of this is that users are presented with inaccessible or dead shortcuts.

With XIA Links, you remove this issue of Desktop Icon management as you can configure multiple possible application locations and automatically hide shortcuts to those that don't exist.

Network Support

XIA Links allows you to create links to Applications both locally and on the network, Web Sites and directories.

Target Applications

These links can be configured to be available based on users and groups as well as the local computer name.

XIA Links is split into 2 components:

  • The main XIA Links Server application which is installed onto an IIS Server. This stores the configuration of the links and maintains security.

  • The XIA Links Client which is the application accessed by end users. This presents each user with their available applications and shortcuts.