The view setting allows system administrators to assign view related configuration settings to the XIA Links Client.

Default View Mode

Determines the default view mode.

Allow the user to change the view mode

Determines whether the user is allowed to change the view mode.

Default Section

Determines which section should be displayed when the XIA Links Client is opened. This can be any user defined section or the built in all shortcuts section, or the home page.

Navigation Panel Width

Determines the width of the navigation panel at start-up.

Hide empty sections from the user

Determines whether empty sections should be hidden from the user within the navigation panel. This setting does not apply to system administrators.

Show Favorites

Determines whether favorites are displayed to the user.

Show Navigation

Determines whether the navigation panel is displayed to the user at start-up. 

The visibility of the navigation panel can be toggled by the user if enabled in the menu settings.

All Shortcuts Section Description

The description to display for the built-in all shortcuts section if enabled.