The repair tab allows a command to be executed to repair the application specified by the file or application shortcut.

Enable repair

Determines whether the repair function should be enabled for the file or application shortcut


The absolute path to the repair application. The path can include environment variables, and may use a network drive or UNC.

Command Line Parameters

The command line parameters to use for the repair.

Elevation Mode

Determines the elevation mode to use when user access control is enabled on the client machine.

  • Run as the current user
  • Run as administrator
  • Prompt for credentials

Permitted Accounts

The user or group accounts* that are permitted to run the repair. When running in an elevation mode of Run as the current user, the user must also have permissions to execute the repair on the client machine.

Clicking browse displays the account browser.

NOTE: The permitted accounts permission is evaluated by the XIA Links Client, therefore this information is presented to the client computer over the client access web service.

* System administrators are automatically given permissions.