XIA Configuration

Unix & Linux Server Documentation Tool

Automated documentation software to help you keep track of your Unix servers

Save time by using our Unix server documentation tool XIA Configuration to automatically document a range of Unix based systems including NetBSD, Solaris, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian.

  • Audit network settings and locate incorrect configuration
  • Inventory the hardware manufacturer and models currently in use in your environments
  • Automatically generate technical documentation with bespoke branding
  • Track changes to Unix configuration files
  • Run reports to see the distributions and kernel versions in use within your organization

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Automatically generate your Unix server documentation

View an example document generated by XIA Configuration of a Unix server:

A screenshot of a Unix server PDF document
Automatically generate your Unix server documentation with XIA Configuration

XIA Configuration has a non-intrusive architecture with agentless data collection and PowerShell support.

Track Changes and Compare Unix Servers

Using the item comparison feature, it is possible to see changes that have occurred on an individual Unix server, or differences between two different Unix servers. In this example, an entry has been added to the hosts file.

A screenshot showing an additional entry in a Unix hosts file
View changes to a Unix server e.g. the hosts file

View your Unix configuration

View your Unix configuration in a web interface.

A screenshot showing Unix settings in the XIA Configuration web interface
View your Unix settings in the XIA Configuration web interface

For more information about documenting Unix, please view the administrator's guide.

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