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Compare Configuration & Track Changes
Track changes to your config and compare different items

Configuration Comparison Tool

Use XIA Configuration to compare the current configuration of your items with previous configurations to see changes, or to compare different items to see differences.

Baselines allow you to compare configuration to a "golden build" so you can determine when a server, device or any other item does not adhere to your organization's configuration policy.

Use the item comparison feature to:

  • Green tick Detect new software installed on Windows machines
  • Green tick Detect services added or removed from a Windows server
  • Green tick Detect unauthorized changes to an Active Directory schema
  • Green tick Compare the settings of two IIS servers
  • Green tick Detect changes to the code of a SQL stored procedure

Watch our configuration comparison tool in action

The following video demonstrates the item comparison feature. Firstly, security settings are changed on a server that has previously been scanned. The server is then scanned again and the latest version is compared with the previous version.

Compare item configuration in XIA Configuration

Compare Items

The compare feature is available for all items in XIA Configuration.

Screenshot showing the item comparison feature in the XIA Configuration web interface
Compare any item via the intuitive web interface

The results of the comparison are displayed in the web interface.

Screenshot showing comparison results in the XIA Configuration web interface
Only the differences in configuration are shown

Export to PDF

The results of the comparison can be exported to PDF. Click the image below to see an example.

Comparison results exported to PDF
Share the comparison results with others by exporting to PDF

Export to XML

The results can also be exported to XML and viewed in Microsoft Excel:

Excel comparison screenshot
Analyse results further by exporting to XML and viewing in Excel

For more information about comparing items, please view the administrator's guide.

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