XIA Configuration
An automated IT documentation tool to help you keep track of your configuration
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IT Documentation Tool

Automate Documentation

Automatically document your IT with XIA Configuration.

IT documentation example for Windows server

Audit Your Data

Run reports on devices, hosts, cloud resources, servers and more.

Screenshot of in-depth operating system information in XIA Configuration Server's web interface

Pass Compliance

Expose incorrect configuration and audit IT security compliance.

Screenshot of the Windows machine security benchmark in XIA Configuration Server's web interface
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Detect unwanted changes

With version control and change tracking, it's easy to detect suspicious behaviour and incorrect configuration.

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Pass compliance with less effort

Provide evidence that your IT adheres to organization policies, Microsoft best practices and security standards.

Expose incorrect configuration and detect security risks and vulnerabilities

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Automatically create documentation

Turn days of time-consuming, manual documentation work into an automated process that takes seconds.

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Record your configuration

Discover your servers and record their configuration to help with troubleshooting and disaster recovery.

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