Network Task Automation Tool

XIA Automation Server saves you time and money by automating tasks that would take a lot longer to perform manually. A single CSV file can be used to create your entire AD structure, provision users, groups and directories into AD, and email accounts into Exchange. Routine tasks can be delegated to non-administrators keeping your time free.

Find out more about how XIA Automation Server can automate away your common network tasks.

Tasks can be driven by a CSV file allowing thousands of users and mailboxes to be created in minutes. Tasks are all performed through an intuitive web interface on either a desktop or mobile device.

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Perfect for managing our 55 schools!

A very powerful tool, massively configurable. Also provides a web interface for a non-admin (ICT co-ordinator, Head of Department) to add users and change passwords, and then it emails me to tell me what has been done, when and by whom.

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Reduce the workload of ICT Support

XIA Server was primarily purchased to reduce the workload of ICT Support staff by automating a number of frequently completed tasks.

In less than a year we estimate that the product has already paid for itself in terms of time saved. Not only has this product made the ICT Support department more efficient it has also improved communication between support staff and end users with its ability to automatically send emails at the completion of designated tasks. Such is the simplicity of the XIA Server interface that we have now extended its use to teaching staff who are now able to use it to take direct control of the various groups of pupils they teach.

I have no hesitation in recommending this product as it represents excellent value for money and the product support is superb and they are always willing to consider any suggestions for additional features and functionality

Gary Wood
Curriculum Services Network Manager
St Thomas More Catholic School

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