Follow these steps to enable login using a Google service account.

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  • Go to the Google Cloud Console and login as a user with appropriate permissions.

  • From the navigation menu go to IAM and Admin > Service Accounts.

  • Create a new project if required.

  • Click the create service account button.

  • Enter the appropriate details and click create and continue, and then click done.

  • Open the details of the service account, and click show advanced settings.

  • Make a note of the value of the Email field - this is the service account email to use for the connection settings.

  • Make a note of the Client ID - this is required later in this section.

  • Go to Keys.

  • Click Add Key > Create new key > P12.

  • Save the file when prompted, this is the private key file.

  • Make a note of the private key password.

  • The key should be listed.

  • From the navigation menu go to APIs & Services > Library.

  • Search for the Admin SDK API and click enable.

  • Continue with the steps in Google Service Account Setup (Part 2).