This section describes the upgrade process of XIA Automation Server, for new installations please see the installation section.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to architecture changes you cannot upgrade from versions older than version 4.

  • Ensure that you have a full system backup.

  • Ensure that the support expiry date of your license file is still valid, or if support has expired, later than the release date of the upgrade.

  • Review the upgrade notes for the version being installed.

  • Check that the system you are installing on meets the current server requirements.

  • Download the latest installation package.

  • Start the installation, the system should report Ready to Upgrade, click Next.

  • Review the end user license agreement (EULA) and only accept if you agree to the terms. 
    If you do not accept the terms of the agreement please cancel the installation.

  • Click Install to begin the upgrade.

  • When the installation is complete you will be prompted to View Server or Open Administration Tools. Click Finish to complete the installation.