Assign a support provision to an item.

  • Connect to the configuration web service.

  • Specify the unique identifier of the item to which the support provision is to be assigned.

  • Specify the unique identifier of the support provision to assign.

  • Specify the relationship type, either "IsSupportedBy" for technical support, or "IsMaintainedBy" for hardware support or maintenance.

  • Determine whether to overwrite all relationships of this relationship type.

  • This method is a helper function to the underlying relationships methods.

Code Sample

# Set the identifier of the item and the support provision.

$itemID = 12345;

$supportProvisionID = 123456;

$relationshipType = "IsSupportedBy";

$createInboundConnection = $false;

$overwriteExisting = $true;

# Perform the action.

$xia.DO_AssignManualRelationship($itemID, $supportProvisionID, $relationshipType, $createInboundConnection, $overwriteExisting);