To configure XIA Configuration Server to use SSL complete the following steps. 

NOTE: This section is for guidance only, for more information review the documentation for the version of Internet Information Server (IIS) in use.

  • An SSL certificate in .pfx format is required before proceeding - this can be generated by your network administrator or purchased from a 3rd party.

  • Select the server node, then double click Server Certificates.

  • Right click and select Import

  • Browse to the SSL certificate and enter the password.

  • Ensure that the certificate is installed.

  • Add a new binding selecting the certificate and assign the host name as required.

  • Optionally remove the default HTTP binding if required.

  • Select Require SSL if required.

  • Ensure that the installation can be accessed from a web browser.

  • Set the server address as required.

NOTE: If client certificates are required these must be configured for the scheduler service, and also set on the server advanced settings within the XIA Configuration Client.