Within this section, you can configure XIA Configuration to store generated data on the file system on the computer running the XIA Configuration Service, optionally compressing the Data to a ZIP File. 

  • Checking the Save to File System option enables this functionality.

  • Checking RSA Sign Document will cause the document to be signed with an RSA signature to help ensure data integrity and prevent tampering of the data.

  • Checking Output to ZIP will cause the data being generated by the XIA Configuration client to be compressed into a single ZIP file.

    • Setting a ZIP Password enables password protected encryption of this ZIP file

    • By default, XIA Configuration uses AES compatible encryption, checking Use Compatible Encryption lowers this encryption level and allows the files to be extracted by Windows without additional software.

    • Create ZIP in Default Location will create the ZIP file in the data subdirectory of the XIA Configuration Service's installation directory.

    • ZIP filename specifies the exact ZIP file location to create on the machine running XIA Configuration Service - for example "C:\data\windowsmachines.zip"

      NOTE: The XIA Configuration Service account must have the NTFS permissions to create and delete files in this location.