Configures the ability to import data into the XIA Configuration Server from the XIA Configuration Client.

Allow all client machines

Data will be accepted from any XIA Configuration Client machine.

Allow only the following client machines

Data will only be accepted from the specified XIA Configuration Client machines with the specified NetBIOS names.

Verify RSA signatures 

Determines whether the digital signature should be validated to help to ensure that the data has not been modified. This should be enabled on the advanced tab of the XIA Configuration Client machine.

Create VMware Physical ESX Hosts 

Determines whether VMware physical ESX host items should be automatically created or updated when importing VMware systems.

Automatically import data files found in the import directory

When enabled, the scheduler will automatically import any Zip or XML data files found in the import directory.

Default Zip Password

The password to use to unzip Zip files when automatically importing data.