The scheduler can be configured to automatically import data from XML or ZIP files found in the import directory. These files are generated by the XIA Configuration Client when configured on the file output tab of the scan profile settings.

This functionality can be useful when the XIA Configuration Client cannot send data directly to the XIA Configuration Server because of firewalls, or other security constraints.

The automatically import data files found in the import directory setting must be enabled in the import engine settings.

The import directory can be found by default at the following location:

C:\Program Files\CENTREL Solutions\XIA Configuration\XIA Configuration Server\app_data\Import

When importing data where the ZIP file has been encrypted, ensure that the correct ZIP password has been entered in the import engine settings. Otherwise, the scheduler will fail and an event log error message will be logged to the event log.

NOTE: Both data files and ZIP files must be in the root of the import directory as subdirectories will not be read.