Get an existing password list item.

Code Sample

# Get the item.

$item = $xia.GET_Item(1234, 0);

# Display the password entries.

foreach($passwordEntry in $item.PasswordEntries.PasswordEntry)


    Write-Host $passwordEntry.DisplayName;

    Write-Host "Description: $($passwordEntry.Description)";

    Write-Host "Entry Type: $($passwordEntry.EntryTypeString)";

    Write-Host "Account Name: $($passwordEntry.AccountName)";

    Write-Host "Password: $($passwordEntry.PasswordPlainText)";



Custom Password List Entry Types

When using custom password list entry types the entry type above will be displayed as "Custom". To display the full display name of the custom type replace this line with the following.

Write-Host "Entry Type: $($xia.GET_PasswordListEntryTypeDisplayName($passwordEntry))"