Update an existing password list.

Code Sample

# Get the existing item.

$item = $xia.GET_Item(1234, 0);

# Check out the item.


# Create a new password entry entry.

$passwordEntry = New-Object "$($xia.GetType().Namespace).PasswordListEntry";

$passwordEntry.DisplayName = "Sample Password Entry";

$passwordEntry.Description = "This is a sample password entry.";

$passwordEntry.EntryType = "WindowsLocalUser";

$passwordEntry.AccountName = "DEMO-SRV01\Administrator";

$passwordEntry.PasswordPlainText = "Passw0rd!!&";

$item.PasswordEntries.PasswordEntry += $passwordEntry;

# Update the item.


# Check in the item back in.


Custom Password List Entry Types

When using custom password list entry types the entry type should be set to "Custom", and the definition identifier set to that configured for the desired custom password list entry types.


$passwordEntry.EntryType = "Custom";

$passwordEntry.DefinitionIdentifier = "3d9fa8c1-17cc-4f55-a1a1-fce065710e0d"