Version control automatically creates new, numbered versions of items when they are modified by a user or updated by the XIA Configuration Client

This section displays storage information and management controls for previous versions created by version control.

Previous Versions Count *

The total number of previous versions currently stored in the database for all items.

Used Space *

The total amount of space currently used to store previous versions in the database for all items.

Minimum Age

The minimum age of previous versions of items that are to be deleted from the database.

Item Type

The type of items for which previous versions are to be deleted from the database.

Delete Previous Versions **

Deletes the previous versions from the database that match the criteria. 

NOTE: Storage information may take a short period of time to be updated following the deletion of previous versions of items.

Clear Previous Versions

Deletes all previous versions for all items, and resets the version identifier for all items to "1.00".

* Additional information can be found in the reporting section "Internal System Reports" > "Previous Versions Storage".

** Previous versions can be deleted automatically by the scheduler when configured in the version control settings.