The scan result details dialog provides full information about a specific scan task.


The status of the scan task.

Task Name

The display name of the task that was executed.


The scan task type.


The name of the item that was scanned - for example, in the case of a Windows machine, the computer name.

Start Time

The time at which the scan of this specific item started.

Finish Time

The time at which the scan of this specific item finished.

Execution Time

The total time spent executing this specific scan task.

Target Attributes

This section provides additional information about the target system being scanned.


In the case of a scan task failing, the details show the error information which can be used to troubleshoot the issue. 

Exception Details

Clicking the view exception link shows the full exception stack trace.


Provides details of any warnings that occurred during the scan.

Additional Help

For certain error types, a hyperlink may be displayed that allows the user to view additional help for this specific error.