The service account is used to communicate with network items such as Windows servers and computers, but also systems running on the Windows server platform such as Active Directory and VMware vCenter.


Should you wish to document Windows machines (without using the XIA Local Service) the XIA Configuration Client service account requires administrator privilege on the remote machines that it scans. This is because it requires remote WMI permissions and access to the administrative shares of the remote machines. 

In addition, please note that passwords stored in the Windows services database can be decrypted by administrators of the machine, therefore any server that has the XIA Configuration Client installed should be secure with only appropriate users having local administrator access. 

The service account:

  • Should be dedicated for this purpose.

  • Should have the required privilege to only the machines that you wish to scan.

  • Have a suitably secure password.

  • Will be configured as the account under which the service being installed is configured to run as.