The method updates the manually created relationships between an item and other items, adding a new system managed relationship.

  • Specify the identifier of the target item.

Code Sample

# Set the variables.

$itemID = 1234;

$targetItemID = 5678;

$relationshipType = "IsSupportedBy";

# Get the manual relationships.

$manualRelationships = $xia.GET_ManualRelationships($itemID);

# Create a new relationship.

$manualRelationship = New-Object "$($xia.GetType().Namespace).ManualRelationship";

$manualRelationship.CreateInboundConnection = $false;

$manualRelationship.RelationshipType = $relationshipType;

$manualRelationship.TargetItemID = $targetItemID;

# Add the manual relationship to the collection.

$manualRelationships.ManualRelationship += $manualRelationship;

# Update the relationships.

$xia.SET_ManualRelationships($itemID, $manualRelationships);