When installing XIA Configuration Server, a user account is selected that is used to run the XIA Configuration Server web application. By default this account is the Network Service account, however a specific account can be selected.

When using a specific account the following should be considered

  • The account must be created manually, it will not be created by the installer.

  • The account should be dedicated for this purpose.

  • The account should not have privileges other than those configured by the installer - for example the account should not be an Administrator.

  • The account will be assigned to the application pool created by the installer.

  • The account has access to the potentially sensitive data within the XIA Configuration Server database, such as user accounts and IP addresses and should therefore should have a suitably complex password.

  • The account will be configured as the database owner (db_owner) of the XIA Configuration Server database.

  • The account will be added to the IIS_IUSRS group.

  • The account can be a domain or local account if the Microsoft SQL Server is hosted on the same machine as the XIA Configuration Server, however should be a domain account if the XIA Configuration Server is hosted on another machine.