The following details the configuration files used by XIA Configuration Server. These files are stored within the App_Data folder which can, by default, be found in 

C:\Program Files\CENTREL Solutions\XIA Configuration\XIA Configuration Server\app_data

To ensure that these files are secured from unauthorized access, the XIA Configuration Server installation sets the NTFS permissions on the App_Data folder to the following:

  • Administrators - Full Control

  • SYSTEM - Full Control


Stores the encryption keys.


Stores built in icons such as custom section icons and operating system images.


Provides a directory into which data from the XIA Configuration Client can be placed to be imported into the system.


Stores the XIA Configuration Client and other installers.


Stores the license.licx license file.


Stores the diagnostics trace log files.

Server Settings

The serversettings.xml is stored in the root of the App_Data directory and stores all of the configuration settings for the system. The file should not be modified directly.


Provides a temporary folder used by the system.