External links present an easy way to connect to external links via a URL. There is no license limit to the number of external links that you can create.

To create a new external link:

  • Select File > New from the drop-down menu
  • Select 'External Hyperlink' from the 'Item Type' drop-down
  • Enter a name for the link - for example "Corporate Documentation"
  • Enter a description for the link - for example "Provides access to the main corporate documentation library on SharePoint"
  • Enter the URL to link to, this should include the http:// or https:// prefix
  • Click the "Create Item" button


NOTE: Unlike other items, when an external link is double clicked, the link itself is launched. To modify the properties of an external link, right click it and select properties.


External links support the same configuration as all other items within XIA Configuration including version control and security.