Determines the currently used license counts, certain license types provide an unlimited item count.

The licenses are broken down in to categories

Active Directory Domain Controllers

The total number of Active Directory domain controllers in all documented Active Directory domains.

Cloud Platform Resources

The total number of resources in all cloud platforms documented. This currently includes all documented Azure Tenants.

Exchange Organizations

The total number of documented Exchange organizations.

Network Devices

The total number of documented Network Storage Devices and Network Switches.

Server Application Instances

The total number of documented Backup Exec Servers and SQL Instances.

Unix Systems

The total number of documented Unix or Linux Systems.

Virtualization Hosts

The total number of hosts in all documented Citrix XenApp Farms, Citrix XenDesktop Sites, Hyper-V Servers, and VMware Systems.

Windows Servers and Roles

The total number of Windows Server Machines, running a server operating system, and supported roles. If any of the individual documented roles (DHCP, DNS, Failover Cluster, IIS, NLB Cluster, Remote Desktop Session Host or WINS) exceeds the count of the documented Windows Server Machines, this number is used as the count instead.

Windows Workstations

The total number of Windows Workstation Machines, running a desktop operating system.


Show License Count Details

This button displays the full license count of each individual item type, instead of by the license categories.