There are several license types available depending on the requirements of your organization.

This section provides a summary of those license types, however for detailed information please review the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Enterprise License

The Enterprise license is designed for customers who wish for centralized server reporting, and purchase licenses for only what is used.

Technician License

The Technician license is designed for engineers or IT technicians who wish to install XIA Configuration Server on a single machine and perform single audits of environments, generating the subsequent information to PDF to be presented to the end customer.

Trial License

The Trial license is time limited and designed for the evaluation of the XIA Configuration Server product. PDF output will be generated with a "Trial" watermark and certain information will be replaced by "Trial" messages. These can only be removed by purchasing a production license.

Unlimited License

The Unlimited license is designed for customers who wish for centralized server reporting without needing to specify exact license counts.

Workgroup License

The Workgroup license is a free, but limited license designed for small businesses that have only a basic network.