When XIA Configuration Server receives item data from the XIA Configuration Client the import engine locates the item using its item identifiers.

If the item does not exist, by default a new item is created within the root container, however it is possible to modify this behaviour using item creation rules.

NOTE: Rules are processed from top to bottom, once a matching rule has been found that rule is actioned and no further rule processing is performed. If no matching rule is located a new item is created within the root container.

Rule Name

The unique descriptive name for the rule.

Rule Identifier

The unique identifier of the rule in GUID format.

Host Name

The NetBIOS computer name of the machine running the XIA Configuration Client to match.


The name of the user account including domain name that was used to upload the data to the XIA Configuration Server to match.

Environment Identifier

The name of the environment identifier to match.

Item Types

The item types to match.

Destination Container

The container or customer into which matching items are to be created.

Right clicking an item shows the item creation rules context menu.