The following provides guidelines to be used by Managed Service Providers supporting multiple customers.

Server Installation

Default Item Creation

  • Create a container called "New Items" and configure the security so that only Administrators can view these items.

  • Configure the item creation rules so that new items are, by default, created in this container.

Customer Preparation

Perform the following steps for each customer. To assist with this process, see the creating managed customers PowerShell example.

  • Create a new user account for each customer in Active Directory.

  • Grant access to the new user account.

    1. Configure the URL to use the Managed Service Provider's externally facing XIA Configuration Server address - for example

    2. Configure the credentials to use the credentials created for the customer on the Managed Service Provider's network.

  • Perform a scan of the customer's network and ensure the new items are created correctly in the appropriate customer container.