CENTREL Solutions

Security Statement

CENTREL Solutions is committed to the security and privacy of our partners and customers. We strive to implement and maintain secure processes, procedures, standards, and take all reasonable care to prevent unauthorized access to customer data.

We apply appropriate administrative, operational, and technical security controls to help ensure that our customer data is handled and processed in a responsible and secure manner.

This Security Statement aims to provide our partners and customers with more information about our security infrastructure and procedures.

Our Privacy Policy contains more information on how we handle the data that we collect.

Reporting a Security Vulnerability

CENTREL Solutions reviews all reports of security vulnerabilities submitted to it affecting our products and solutions.

To report a vulnerability in one of our products or solutions please log a support call or email support@centrel-solutions.com.

Physical and Environmental Security

CENTREL Solutions has policies, procedures, and infrastructure to handle the physical security of our offices and buildings. Key fob access is required for external doors, intruder alarms with all external doors being alarmed, and 24/7 CCTV coverage with out of hours monitoring.

Information Security Policy

CENTREL Solutions' security policies and procedures define how the different areas of information security are managed within the company.

The security policy is periodically reviewed, and updated where necessary. The policies and procedures cover a wide array of security topics, ranging from general standards – which all employees must read, understand and comply with, such as account, equipment, data and physical security, to more specialized security covering the internal systems and applications.

Network and Device Security

To help protect our network and devices:

  • HTTPS encryption is configured and required for access to web applications and our web site.
  • All workstations and laptops are configured with full drive encryption.
  • All workstations, laptops and servers are regularly patched with security patches.
  • All workstations, laptops and servers run anti-virus software.

Credit Card Information

Credit card information is handled by our payment partner Verifone. We do not store or handle credit card information directly. For more information please see the Verifone web site https://www.verifone.com/.


If you need more information on how CENTREL Solutions manages cyber security, please contact our Cyber Security team using the following address: cybersecurity@centrel-solutions.com.

Last updated: 9th November 2023